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Registration and Exmatriculation


Students enrolled at the University of Freiburg must register for each new semester during the registration periods listed below. (The current registration periodes and demand for payment can be found on the Homepage of the Service Center Studium)

In order to register for the semester, you must transfer the student activity and administrative fees.

If you have not completed your registration by the end of a semester, you will be exmatriculated automatically. Exmatriculation ends your status as a student.

Registration Deadlines:

    • Summer Semester 2020: January 15th to February 15th, 2020
    • Winter Semester 2020/21: June 1st to August 15th, 2020



Student status at the university ends upon exmatriculation. All students can apply for exmatriculation at the Registration Office. After applying for exmatriculation, the student receives a de-registration certificate. Along with the discharge letter from the University library (on the application form), the application must also include the student course book and Unicard. As a rule, exmatriculation goes into effect at the end of the semester. Students who wish to leave the university earlier must apply for exmatriculation during the registration period in the Registration Office.

You can obtain an application form for exmatriculation at the Registration Office or print out a PDF.


Note to students who are currently in an examination phase:
Although exmatriculation means the end of your membership at the university, it does not absolve you of your responsibilities during an examination phase. That means that regardless as to whether you have exmatriculated or not, you must complete any exams you have started. The examination phase only ends after the exam has been taken. The examination office is responsible for answering any questions about examination rights.


Note to students who are paying tuition fees
If you matriculate within 4 weeks after the start of the lecutres of a particular semester, the tuition fees of that semester will be returned to you.
If you exmatriculate more then 4 weeks after the start of the lecures, tuition fees will not be returned.
! Semester fees are not getting returned!