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Structure of the program

The illustration gives an overview about the course of the program. (PDF-Download)

The brighter colored modules are offered in German, the darker ones are offered in English

-> The program can be studied entirely in English

What is the structure of the program?

The Master is divided into 5 areas.

1) Core Modules (5 Modules = 25 ECTS)       

The Core Modules are mandatory for all students. If core modules are offered parallel, students can chose one of them, one is always offered in German, one in English.

2) Elective Track Modules (6 Modules = 30 ECTS)

The Elective Track Modules provide a deeper understanding of a certain focus. Therefore they are specified and mandatory according to the selected elective track. If students follow an Englisch elective track, all elective track modules are offered in English.

If interested, there is the option to switch one elective track module with an other elective track module of the programme.

3) Individual Electives (5 Modules = 25 ECTS)

The Individual Electives offer the possibility to pursue personal interests, to sharpen the individual profile or to spent a semester abroad.

Each year there is an offer of Individual Electives (German and English) put together for students from the MSc Environmental Sciences and MSc Forest Sciences.

If you want you can replace up to 2 Individual Electives with a "Current Topic", an individual organized scientific paper.

In addition even modules from other programs can be accepted as Individual Elective, but only after previous discussion.

4) Mandatory Internship (= 10 ECTS)

The 7-week mandatory Internship is ideally planned between the second and third semester, but can also be planned at any time. It can also last more than 7 weeks.

5) Master Thesis (= 30 ECTS)

The forth semester is reserved for writing the Master Thesis, but you can start at any time. The working time is set for 6 months (30 ECTS) and it can be written in German or English.

What are the Elective Tracks?

The Elective Tracks focus to a special topic within the program by choosing a certain Elective Track, each student can not only deepen personal interests and specific knowledge, but also specify his individual profile.

The Elective Track modules partly build on one another so that knowledge can be continuosly deepend.

Due to the smaller number of students within the tracks, more excursions, lab work and other practical elements can be offered. In addiction to classic exams, the range of exam types can also be varied more widely. 

Is an Internship planned?

The examination regulation stipulate a mandatory Internship of at least 7 weeks, which is recorded with 10 ECTS. The Internship can last more than 7 weeks or can be divided into two parts of at least 3 or 4 weeks.

The Internship should have a technical reference to the program in order to give an impression of potential fields. The suitability should therefore be coordinated with the Internship coordinator in advance.

The recognition then takes place retrospectively via the Internship confirmation.

What should I know about the Master Thesis?

If you have at least 70 ECTS booked on your transcript, you can register the Master Thesis. The topic can be largely determined by the students.

Students who already have an idea for a topic contact possible supervisors directly. Alternatively there are always topics that are advertised by the professorships of the faculty.

Registration is then carried out via a special form that must be submitted to the examination office. After a processing time of 6 months, the submission must be made on time.

What does "block structure" mean?

All modules are organized as 3-week-fulltime-block-modules.

The semsters therefore consists of a sequence of 3-week-modules, all of which are completed with an examination within the module periode.

Advantage: lots f space for different forms of learning and teaching tailored to the content.

In which language can I study?

The program can be studied entirely in German or English (depending on the chosen Elective Track). A combination of German and English modules is also possible.

The teaching language of the elective track determines wich language level/certificate is required:

German Elective Track: German = native, English = B2*

Englisch Elective Track: English = C1**/native, German = not required


*Language level of the Common European Framework of Reference

** C1 must be proven with a recognized certificate