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Living in Freiburg

A great place to live and study

Freiburg (map) is a traditional but at the same time a very young and dynamic university city and is considered one of the most attractive cities in Germany. It is small enough (240,000 inhabitants) to quickly feel at home and at the same time large enough to be lively and international. Tradition and modernity complement each other here in the finest way.

Freiburg CityAs a university city, Freiburg offers a wide variety of cultural events and attractions such as theater, concerts, ballet, modern dance, music festivals, museums, exhibitions... there is something for everyone!

Freiburg's location at the foot of the Black Forest and in the border triangle of France/Switzerland/Germany is ideal and invites to many excursions and outdoor activities. The mild climate is another bonus. In Freiburg you can enjoy the most sunny days and the warmest temperatures of all Germany.


To get an impression of life as a student in Freiburg, watch this film, made by students of geography of our faculty.


You can find more information about Freiburg on the official Homepage or join the virtual city tour to get an impression of what will awaits you in Freiburg.

Freiburg: Green City

Freiburg has made a name for itself worldwide with its ambitious environmental policy. The green profile is characterized by a broad-based environmental awareness, a clear commitment to renewable energies and a large number of research facilities, institutions, NGOs and companies working on innovative and sustainable solutions and offering many points of contact with the topic of global change.

More Information about Freiburg Green City and about the  Freiburg Green City Cluster

Blumenwiese vor BergenThe surrounding area is also green: The city offers a variety of landscapes. For example, it is only a few kilometers from the heights of the Black Forest to the vineyards of the foothill zone to the floodplains of the Rhine Valley. In terms of forestry, the diversity of forest ecosystems and their uses is particularly interesting.

With the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, the Forestry Directorate of Freiburg and the Forest Research Institute of Baden-Württemberg, Freiburg is an important center of forestry in Germany.

Living in Freiburg

In Freiburg there are many student dormitories, but also a lot of students. Finding a room is therefore not easy. The open housing market is also highly competitive. It is therefore important to look for a dormitory or dorm room as early as possible.

  • Dormitories

    The rent of a dormitory room is between 300 - 450€/month.

     The dormitories in Freiburg are managed by the Studierendenwerk (SWFR).
For a dormitory room you have to apply online
If you have any questions, please contact the SWFR.

  • Private dorm rooms

The earlier the search for a private shared apartment begins, the better.

For this purpose, there are numerous online portals or local advertising papers, such as:

* Studenten-Wohnung (
* EasyWG (
* (
* Studentenwohnungsmarkt (
* WG Gesucht (
* Schnapp (
* Zypresse online (
* Badische Zeitung (
* WG-Spion (

  • Housing for internationals

   International students in particular often have greater difficulty finding housing. 

    The "Housing" of the University Freiburg offers additional housing options especially for international students.

     The application and placement process is handled by the International Office.

     New international students are contacted directly after admission.

Cost of living and insurance

The average cost of living is between 700 - 1010€.
These are composed of the following costs:

Accommodation  300 - 450€       
Food                  200 - 250€
Health insurance         110€ (if it is not covered by family insurance)
Leisure expenses   50 - 100€
Other                    50 - 100€
Total                   700 - 1010€

Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for students under 30 years of age. Students over 30 years of age are free to choose whether or not they want to take out health insurance. The extent to which family insurance still applies must be clarified in each individual case.

Students from EU member states do not have to take out German health insurance. They only have to present a proof of health insurance in their home country (European Health Insurance Card EHIC) and have it recognized by a German health insurance company in Freiburg.

Students from non-EU countries (under 30 years of age) must take out German health insurance. The statutory student health insurance currently costs 110 € per month. Addresses of the statutory health insurance companies will be sent to you with the notification of admission. Registration with a health insurance company is only possible on site, in Freiburg, after your arrival. It is not possible to register in advance.

Further information about insurance for German students you can find here and for international students here.