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City of Freiburg

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A great place to live and study

Freiburg is a traditional but at the same time also a very young and dynamic university city and is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in Germany. It is small enough (240.000 inhabitants) to make you feel at home right from the first day and at the same time it's big enough to be lively and international. More than 900 years of tradition and modern life are linked in perfect harmony. 

Being a university town, Freiburg offers a wide variety of cultural events and attractions such as theatres, concerts, ballet, modern dance, music festivals, museums, exhibitions, etc. In short, there should be something of interest for everyone.

Freiburg is ideally situated in the Black Forest, very close to France and Switzerland, inviting many interesting trips. The mild climate is another bonus; Freiburg enjoys the most days of sunshine and the warmest temperatures of all German cities.

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Freiburg: Green City

With its ambitious environmental policy, Freiburg has made a name for itself worldwide. The green profile is shaped by a broadly anchored environmental awareness, a clear commitment to renewable energies and a multitude of research and other institutions, NGOs and companies working on innovative and sustainable solutions and offering many links to the topic of Global Change.

More information about Freiburg Green City and Freiburg Green City Cluster

Blumenwiese vor Bergen

The surrounding environment is also green, and the city offers a variety of landscapes. Thus, from the heights of the Black Forest to the vineyards in the foothills and the floodplains of the Rhine Valley; all are accessible and only a few kilometers away.

With regard to forestry, the variety of forest ecosystems and their uses is particularly interesting. As the location of the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, the Forestry Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg (FVA) and the Forestry Directorate of Freiburg, the city is an important center for forestry in Germany.