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Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

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The main research topic of the Faculty for Environment and Natural Resources is the analysis of interactions between human beings, society and the environment, especially with regard to global change. The basis is a broad interdisciplinary approach in the areas of natural, social and technological sciences. The findings are used for basic research as well as for transfer to the economy, society and political consulting.

Fields of research are:

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  • Sustainable use of natural resources and renewable energies
  • Protection of livelihood/bases of life (soil, water, air, biodiversity)
  • Adaptation to global change
  • Natural hazards and risks


Related Programs

The Master 's Program in Forest Sciences is part of a wide range of environmental studies at the faculty. There are particularly close links to the Master's degree course in Environmental Sciences, which is structured identically.

Master Degree Courses at the Faculty include:

  • M.Sc. Umweltwissenschaften / Environmental Sciences
  • M.Sc. Forstwissenschaften / Forest Sciences
  • M.Sc. Environmental Governance
  • M.Sc. Geology
  • M.Sc. Geography of Global Chance
  • M.Sc. Hydrology
  • M.Sc. Renewable Energy Engineering and Management
  • M.Sc. Crystaline Materials


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