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Block Structure

All modules are organized as three-week block courses (modules). The semester thus consists of a sequence of 3-week modules, all of which are completed with an examination. The great advantage of this modular structure is that it offers a great deal of space for very different and tailored-to-content learning and teaching.  


It is possible to complete the master's program entirely in English or German (each with a different elective track) as well as through a combination of German and English modules.

Für die Zulassung zu einer Profillinie ist ein Nachweis über das Sprachniveau C1 des Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens erforderlich. Muttersprachler sind von der Nachweispflicht ausgenommen

Für die Teilnahme an Kernmodulen ist ein Nachweis über das Sprachniveau B2 des Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens erforderlich. Muttersprachler sind von der Nachweispflicht ausgenommen. Hinweis für deutsche Bewerber: Wenn Sie Englisch als Fremdsprache bis zum Abitur hatten, genügt Ihr Abiturzeugnis als Nachweis.

Programme Overview

The following figure gives an overview of the study process. (PDF-Download)

Grafik Studienverlauf ab WS 17_18

First and second semester (core and elective modules):

During the first and second semester, 5 Core modules (25 ECTS) and 6 Elective Track modules (30 ECTS) need to be completed.

In the first semester 3 core modules and 3 elective track modules will be studied; In the second semester 2 core modules and 3 elective track modules.

The core modules can be selected freely from a pool of 10 core modules (5 German/5 English)

The elective track modules are defined according to the selected elective track. If interested, it is possible to exchange one of the 6 elective track modules with the module of another elective track of this programme.


Third Semester (individual electives):

In the third semester completion of compulsory elective modules totaling 25 ECTS credits is required. Students can choose from a variety of German or English modules and thus deepen or expand on their track, depending on the interest. In addition to the elective modules specially designed for the two master's courses on forestry and environmental sciences, modules of other faculty master programmes can also be used as electives. There is also the possibility to replace an elective by conducting a research paper on a self-chosen topic, a so-called "current topic".

The internship is ideally completed between the second and third semesters, but can also be carried out at a different time as required.


Fourth Semester:

The fourth semester is devoted entirely to the preparation of the 6-month scientific master's thesis (30 ECTS).