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About the programme

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The goal of the M.Sc. “Forest Sciences” is to train students to become forest and forestry experts, who are able to deal with the current challenges and questions of ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forest management in science and practice at a national and international environment.

In addition to imparting specialized knowledge, great importance is attached to the acquisition of methodological and interdisciplinary competences, such as:

  • Key competences including strong analytical and monitoring skills;
  •  A sound understanding of ecological systems at multiple scales and their response to environmental changes and management;
  • In-depth knowledge of sustainable management systems and the competence to develop and implement them.

Target Group

The M.Sc. programme “Forest Sciences” is suitable for graduates of relevant courses of study. This includes studies in the fields of agriculture and forestry, geography, environmental and nature conservation as well as management of natural resources. However, deciding for the eligibility is the combination of adequate courses. You can find more information under Application.

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Career Opportunities

Diverse job opportunities arise depending on the choice of core modules, elective tracks, the internship and Master's thesis - as well as the selected language.

While the modules held in English are of a more international orientation, the German modules of the elective track "Forstwirtschaft" offer preparation for the classic forestry activities within Germany.

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Career opportunities may include:

  • Management and executive positions in the management of the national forest (higher forestry service, e.g. forestry manager)
  • Supervision of corporate and cooperative forest
  • Private forest administrations
  • Universities and research facilities
  • Forester's offices and test institutes
  • Wood sale and wood trade
  • Nature conservation, land development and state conservation
  • Independent forestry experts
  • International development aid organizations
  • Many other opportunities in the field of forestry, nature and resource management

Partner Programmes

The M.Sc. "Forest Sciences" cooperates with the following programs:

  • Master's degree "TRANSFORM-M" (Transatlantic Forestry Master) with dual master's title - EU / Canada: Two-year master's course leading to a dual master's title in resource and environmental management - one year in Freiburg and one year in Canada!
  • M.Sc. in European Forestry Erasmus Mundus