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Forms and Guidelines


Here you find important forms and guides for your study programme.

General Information

Administrative aspects of MSc Forsest Sciences PO 2017 (start WS 17/18) 

Administrative aspects of MSc Forsest Sciences (start before WS 17/18)

Information sheet for the mailing lists (registration/de-registration)



General Informations:

Internship Guideline

Funding options for internships

Documents for the Confirmation

Internship Confirmation 

Internship Evaluation

further sometimes useful documents

Internship Certificate (only for the students)

Internship Schedule

Internship Contract


Current Topic

Current Topic Guideline

Application Form to Register for a Current Topic


Master Thesis

Thesis Guideline

Thesis Registration Form

Statutory Declaration


Doctor's Note

Form "Bescheinigung der Prüfungsunfähigkeit" (only available in German)


(external) Exam Registration

Registration for a module exam of an external elective


Examination Regulations (only available in German)

Examination Regulations (start WS 17/18)

Examination Regulations (Nur bei Studienbeginn vor dem 01. Oktober 2017; Abschluss des Studiums bis spätestens 30. September 2020)

Rahmenordnung M. Sc. Studiengänge für alle M.Sc. Studiengänge der Uni-Freiburg


Switching Modules (only for PO2014)

Form for switching Core Modules

Form for switching Elective Track Modules


Registration for the exam of an "external" elective track module (only for PO2012)

Registration for the exam of an "external" core module (only for PO2012)


Requirements "Höherer Forstdienst"

Table with requirements for the german "höherer Forstdienst" (only in German)