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Study Financing

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Study fees

For EU citizens: none

For non-EU citizens: 1500€ per semester. Additional information about exemptions can be found here.


Semester fees

155 € per semester (75 € social contribution for the Studentenwerk incl. basic fee for the semester ticket, 70 € administrative fee contribution, 7 €  student government fee).



As the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources does not give away scholarships, candidates should apply for funding from other institutions.

Information on possible scholarships and the scholarship advisory office of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität can be found in the student portal. Further information on the funding of the studies can be found at the Studentenwerk Freiburg.

Please note: Finding a scholarship is a time-consuming business. Requirements and application dates vary, but often an extensive application package is required and deadlines may be up to one year before you start your course. Please consider this when applying! The links below provide you with an overview of the different types of scholarships you may consider applying for:



The Master's degree program is a full-time course. The modular structure has many advantages for teaching, but as well as being very time-intensive, it means that class schedules are not fixed, and will change throughout the semester. There are differences in the timetabling for each module, and modules change every 3 weeks. Lessons are usually in the mornings, but afternoon classes, group work, and laboratory work, etc. are also often required, and one-day or one-week excursions are also available. As such, it is difficult to work fixed hours, except on the weekends or in the evening. The most favorable jobs are as a research assistant at the faculty, since these tasks can usually be performed flexibly in students own time.These Jobs are mostly announced by placards in the Herderbau-Building and e-mails which are send via the student mailing list. The German abbreviation of research assistant is “HiWi”.

Students can work a maximum of 85 hours per month. We strongly recommend not working more than 30 or a maximum of 40 hours per month. As an assistant, you will earn € 11.15 per hour.

More information about jobs of the Studierendenwerk Freiburg.

Note: For students who do not speak German and do not speak English as their native language, it can be difficult to find a job both in and outside of the faculty.

Cost of living

Monthly living costs for students are around 750 €, including accomodation, health insurance, food and entertainment.

  • Accomodation: : 250 - 500 €
  • Health Insurance: 92 €
  • Food: 150 - 200 €
  • Leisure Activities: 50 - 100 €
  • Other Expenses: 50 - 100 €